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Every company needs to account for the increased tax, operational, and financial efficiencies, upon evolving. While entity formation is one of the first steps to structuring a firm, there are times where restructuring is required to make room for newer dynamics and better adherence to the changing financial positioning.

Why Entity Restructuring is necessary?

Initially, a company starts off as a unified entity but constant evolution forms smaller corporate groups within the organization. With time, these groups start functioning as independent entities which eventually put massive financial, logistics, and alignment pressure on the parent company.

This is where entity restructuring comes into the mix as it helps rationalize the group hierarchy while managing the smaller segments with vested interests. Entity restructuring doesn’t necessarily put these groups out of operation but helps the firm realign the operations, cash flow, and improve management time which complying with the corporate governance policies.

Entity restructuring also becomes important after the acquisition, merger, or divestment. Any change or development that affects the structure of the firm requires entity restructuring. However, the in-depth process associated with restricting is often way too intricate for the in-house workforce. This is where entity restructuring services are required.

The Role of IMC

At IMC, we make sure that every aspect of the corporate metamorphosis is taken into consideration before strategizing entity restructuring services. We start by taking the benefits and aftermath of mergers and acquisitions. Besides that, our professionals closely monitor the existing ‘Buy & Build’ timeline of the concerned company and even the extent of investment or refinancing.

We also take note of the demerger and re-domiciliation; activities with significant financial implications and put them in the entity restructuring purview. Not just that, we also take up restructuring initiatives to de-risk the erratic activities while preparing the firm for emergencies.

Companies often ignore the toxic liabilities or non-performing assets and this is where our Entity Restructuring services come into the play. At IMC, companies get solutions that follow the corporate guidelines while staying relevant to the changing regulatory standards.

Our Entity Restructuring Services include:

IMC believes that the entrepreneurial architecture of a company is dynamic and needs to be revisited, if and when the company grows or starts falling down the slope. This is why we recruit experienced and trained professionals who can work closely with the in-house workforce and restructure the existing entities, to fit in legal, financial, and administrative changes.

Why Choose IMC? Lets Check Our Services

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Our team of experts concentrates on select HR systems, complete organizational design, continuous improvement, company vision, lean leadership, quality analysis, and visual management before coming up with the advisory module. IMC clearly ascertain the Business Process Management of the concerned organization before preparing the same for the change.

We analyze, scope, plan, and eventually implement changes based on company requirements. Each one of our services is tailored according to the organizational preferences and our experts make it a point to intimate the senior leadership, stakeholders, and shareholders about every restructuring move.

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