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Organizations, while evolving, prefer acquiring firms that have attractive balance sheets. This process is termed as acquisition and requires exceptional efforts on the part of the in-house counsel, to simplify identification and takeovers. While acquisitions signify growth, inclement situations often force companies to divest. Divestment is a process where subsidiary interests and even investments are sold off to minimize losses.
Why Companies require Transfer Pricing Services?

Businesses with region-specific transactional models must let the authorities know about the income and related expenses, as these elements are associated with local resource utilization. Profits are usually declared in the form of returns and the jurisdiction levies taxes, accordingly. Tax returns also help notify the company regarding the assets, liabilities, debts, creditors, and other aspects that are necessary to getting loans or even dissolving the organization, if and when required.

Most importantly, the filing structure varies according to the nature of the organization. Therefore, it is important to understand that tax return filing guidelines are different for sole proprietorship companies, LLP setups, and partnership firms.

What are the Exempt Income Categories Under UAE Corporate Tax Regime?
The Role of IMC
What are the Exempt Income Categories Under UAE Corporate Tax Regime?

Trained professionals at IMC understand the entrepreneurial obligations, regarding income tax returns and associated filings. We also make sure that every aspect of corporate income generation is reported, regardless of the country. At IMC, we help forms create necessary declarations that are capable of keeping the privy gazes at a distance.

We understand that tax compliance is a vital operational cog. That is why we prefer dedicating experienced tax specialists who can take care of the compliance and other technical aspect of return filing. IMC works closely with the local and regional tax authorities, to calculate the exact tax liabilities and filing returns strategically.

Not just that, IMC also proposes the best methods to pay out the taxes and even takes care of the reporting issues, if any. Be it statutory filings or reporting the status of commercial expenses, revenues, and even transfer policies related to pricing— experienced professionals at IMC are trained to handle every financial task in hand.

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Our dedicated corporate tax return services include

Trained professionals at IMC take care of every financial aspect and even offer complete transparency regarding the tax returns and other filings. We also make sure you keep getting real-time tax status and all the necessary updates so that the in-house managers can stay in the loop. Starting from tax obligations to procurement and arrangement of relevant documents, IMC professionals are capable of handling and mitigating all the tax-related issues while guaranteeing business sustenance.

What are the Exempt Income Categories Under UAE Corporate Tax Regime?

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