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Commercial setups need to account for the indirect taxes that need to be levied while initiating activities in a specific country. This approach signifies the value added or certain subsidiary taxes that form a major part of invoices. Companies offer certain goods and even services as a part of their commercial activity and therefore they must add indirect taxes to the same before sending invoices to the customers.

The indirect taxes are to be paid by the customer while purchasing the product or service. However, if the company is offering services or isn’t the one manufacturing the product in the first place, it must also pay the same indirect tax on initial product or device purchases. These taxes can be either taken back from the customer or can be filed for getting a refund, by the end of the financial year.

Why companies must file Indirect Tax Returns?

If you, as a company, are selling products and services in a given country, it is pertinent to consider paying taxes to the authorities. These taxes offer insights into the sales listings and customer declarations for a specific region or country. Moreover, if the business is compliant with the local taxation, it becomes easier to procure loans and other services.

However, the firms aren’t usually well-served by in-house accountants and tax specialists as a lot goes into identifying taxable transactions besides preparing the right set of documents for processing indirect tax returns.


The Role of IMC

We make proceedings easier for the businesses by offering advisory services. At IMC, our sole purpose is to simplify the process for partnership firms, LLPs, and standalone companies. We dedicated tax specialists who offer the requisite assistance, when it comes to preparing reports, tax return statements, and required strategies for calculating the exact tax that is to be paid.

Our services consider the refund qualification and existing business liabilities before initiating the process. Most importantly, we offer services regardless of the country but have experts that are well-versed with the regions-specific requirements.

Newly established businesses can benefit immensely from the services offered by IMC. We provide local assistance and insights to the companies, depending on the existing tax obligations.

Dedicated services offered by IMC include:

At IMC, every kind of indirect tax is taken care of including customers, service tax, stamp duty, entertainment tax, securities tax, and more. Put simply, we make sure that the filing process is convenient and the company owners need not lose sleep over the same. IMC specializes in offering equitable and broad-based services related to indirect tax filing that have massive impact on the financial, administrative, and economic well-being of the concerned organizations.

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