Business-persons and Start-ups in Asia, Middle East and Africa

Simple compliance process for busy entrepreneurs.

Be it tax incentives or visa applications, we will help you to register your company or start-up in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

A quick list of what you need
to start a company in Asia, Middle East and Africa


Minimum one shareholder – who could be an individual or a company


At least $1 capital – Minimum paid-up capital should be as per region


A company secretary


A resident director


An address located in Singapore

Services to make your life easier

Priced to suit your budget

Company Incorporation

Start with filling our online form, along with uploading the required documents and we would register your new company with AMEA. We manage the process of

Company Secretary

Every company is legally-bound to hire or have a company secretary. A company secretary is a person who takes care of your company’s compliance procedures with the relevant authorities such as

Provide a company secretary to your company for one year.
Maintaining all statutory records as required under local laws of AMEA including but not limited to the following statutory registers

Resident director

If you are an overseas entrepreneur or founder, then we recommend you to use our services to take care of your legal requirement of having a locally-resident director on your company’s board. Or if you need someone till you have someone with an EP to act as your locally-resident director, we can manage that as well.

Though we act as your Local Director, we would request you to take one of our tax and accounting packages to make sure constant compliance of your entity’s accounts.

The complete (international) package

If you currently reside overseas, we help in managing everything you could need to register your start-up in Asia,Middle East and Africa. Our package includes looking for a resident director, a company secretary, and a local address for you.

Address Registration

If your headquarters or other office is located overseas, then you can use our services to fulfil your legal obligation to have a registered address in Asia,Middle East and Africa. This typically includes

Registering your start-up Companies?
We are there to assist you

100% online registration process

1. Gather all your documents

Decide your preferred names, who will be your directors and shareholders, their details, and keep all other supporting documents handy.

2. Fill the online form

It takes just a few minutes to fill our form.

3. E-sign the documents we send to you

Our e-signatures are legally-valid and accepted in start-up companies.

4. We do the filing on your behalf

We would manage the company formation process with the relevant authorities.

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We’ve been
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