Employment rules amended and introduced in Singapore with effect from July 1st, 2017 - IMC
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Employment rules amended and introduced in Singapore with effect from July 1st, 2017

The Singapore government has amended and introduced many reforms in regards of re-employment and leave grant for new parents in the year 2017. Previously the employment eligibility age was fixed at the age of 62 and the employers have been notified to make appropriate changes in the internal human resources policies.

New rules regarding re-employment:

  • The age limit has been raised from 60 to 67 years of age;
  • There will no reduction in wages when the employee reaches the age of 60 as there was a reduction of 10% before;
  • The new employer must take the obligations of the previous employer;
  • The Employment Assitance Payment(EAP) has been raised to a minimum of S$4500 toa maximum ofS$13000 if the employer is unable to find a new employer or is unable to take the employee back on board.
  • Employee consent should be obtained before the transference to a new employer.
  • These changes are applicable to the citizens and the permanent residents who turn 65 on or after July1st,2017.
  • An employment claims tribunal has been set up.

Changes in the leave grant for new parents:

  • Paternity leave for new fathers has been increased to two weeks.
  • Adoption leave has raised to 12 weeks in total where first 4 weeks of pay will be provided by the employer and the balance 8 weeks will besponsored by the government. This is applicable for the first and second child. If a third or fourth child is adopted the government will fund for the whole 12 weeks.

The sharing parental leave has been increased from 1 to 4 weeks. In this, the mother can share their leave with their working spouse.