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Intuit Management Consultancy | Jersey
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Total- 116 km2 (219th), 45 sq mi
December 2009 estimate 92,500[3] (190th)
Density- 797/km2 (14thz), 2,064/sq mi
Calling code:+44 (usually +44-153)
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Jersey is the largest island situated in the British Channel Islands in Bay of St. Malo. It is a British Crown Dependent Island located 19 miles from the French coast. The official language in Jersey is English though French is widely used. The legal system here is a mixture of British and French Laws.

Offshore Company Formation in Jersey
There are several forms of offshore company setups in Jersey the most popular being the Exempt Private Limited Liability Company. This offshore company formation in Jersey is exempted from taxation. However, for International Business Companies in Jersey, tax is levied on foreign income at a low rate.


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