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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Multi National Bookkeeping and Accounting Services by IMC

An effective and efficient financial accounting practice is essential in providing critical information to management and stakeholders.  However, managing the accounting function without professional help can be a challenging task and the ever-changing business environment has created a more complex financial accounting practice.   IMC’s goal is to help individuals and companies meet these increasing demands in financial accounting and reporting through our outsourced accounting services.  Outsourced accounting has become an effective tool in eliminating problems in managing the accounts functions such as lack of accounting expertise, employee turnover and inefficiencies in operations

Our team is composed of qualified professionals, who aims to improve the efficiency, quality, and effectiveness of our client’s accounting function.  We aim to provide value beyond just accounting through analyzing beyond the figures and providing solutions to inefficiencies we identify along the way.

IMC offers individuals and businesses, a variety of accounting services tailored to their special needs. Our services are not limited to business accounting but also for individuals looking for the need for private accounting.  Custom tailored accounting services packages are offered to include the following:

Business accounting services:

  • Book Keeping Services
    – Journal entry
    – General Ledger
    – Assets /Equipment Ledgers
    – Expenses Ledger
    – Accounts Receivables
    – Accounts Payables Ageing Report & Summaries
    – Bank Reconciliation
    – Financial Statements preparation
    – Trial Balance
    – Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
    – Balance-sheet
    – Cash Flow Statement
  • Compilation Services
  • Preparation of Tax Returns
  • Quarterly and Yearly Reporting
  • PDC Management
  • Design & Documentation Services
  • Management Reporting
  • Record Reconstruction

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