Why Should You Consider Incorporating Your Tech Start-up in Singapore?

Why Should You Incorporate Your Tech Start-up in Singapore

There is a reason why Singapore is popularly known as ‘Asia’s emerging Silicon Valley’.  The city-state is host to an exceptional network of over 4,000 tech-enabled start-ups in 2021 alone.  This is significant growth from about 1,000 tech-enabled start-ups in 2014. Singapore has evidently become the tech start-up epicentre of South East Asia by raising […]

Why It’s Better to Outsource Company Secretarial Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Secretarial Services

There is no doubting that corporate secretary is another of the crucial posts that should not be left unfilled in the smooth operation of a business. Even though professional corporate secretary doesn’t really make decisions, they guarantee that every decision made has been reported to the appropriate individual. Actually, their functions and responsibilities are extensive, […]

Top Three Mistakes While Managing Accounting Yourself

Top Three Mistakes While Managing Accounting Yourself

Business owners have to make tough choices daily. It becomes crucial when managing the existing resources and strict deadlines. Hence, business owners go for addressing critical tasks like accounting and bookkeeping on their own. However, this can easily backfire as, technically, the business owners or entrepreneurs are not accounting professionals. The solution is a quick association […]

A Guide to Beginning an E-Commerce Business In Singapore

These days, we live almost our entire lives online. It is therefore no wonder that businesses too feel the need to capitalise on this. Naturally, setting up an e-commerce business or service platform seems much more logical than establishing a brick-and-mortar shop. While the initial invested capital may be almost the same, the running costs will definitely be far lower.