Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore

We offer Company Secretarial Services in Singapore to ensure that small, medium and large businesses comply with all their statutory obligations.

Corporate Secretarial Services offer comprehensive corporate secretarial support to help businesses establish their presence in Singapore and act as the primary contact for establishing a presence in Southeast Asia.

We help your company comply with local Singapore requirements.

Why Choose IMC for Company Secretary Services in Singapore?

We are a trusted company secretary service provider in Singapore. We simplify transitioning from your previous company secretary by collecting your all-statutory documents, obtaining their resignation, and filing the change with ACRA.

An Experienced Secretary

Experience the convenience of a dedicated digital corporate secretary with over ten years of experience. Connect with them over emails and receive prompt responses within 24 hours.

Keeping you Compliant

We ensure compliance with authorities by maintaining and updating your statutory records and do all the filings with ACRA and IRAS.

Documents in One Place

With our secure document storage, you'll never have to search for missing documents again. Easily sort and access all your essential documents in one place.

Annual Return Filing

Our secretarial services cover the filing of annual returns within seven months of the end of the financial year with ACRA including the filing fee.

Transfer of Shares

Ensuring compliance with company constitution and legal requirements is our priority. We help you complete the required paperwork for share transfer along with stamp duty filings with IRAS.

Allotment of Shares

Directors must obtain shareholder approval before issuing shares. We can assist with the process, paperwork and ACRA filings.

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Every company in Singapore is legally bound to hire or have a company secretary. A company secretary is a person who takes care of your company’s compliance procedures with the relevant authorities such as:
Provide a company secretary to your company for one year. Maintaining all statutory records as required under local laws of Singapore including but not limited to the following statutory registers:

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Corporate Secretarial Services in Singapore - FAQs

What is a Corporate Secretary?

A corporate secretary oversees a company's administrative work, ensuring compliance with legal requirements. They also manage compliance and mediate between shareholders and directors.

Why do I need a Corporate Secretary?

As per the Singapore Company Law, every company must appoint a corporate secretary. The corporate secretary plays a vital role in reporting on statutory changes related to company details, managing crucial administrative tasks, and providing guidance to business owners regarding their obligations.

Is it possible for a company in Singapore to function without having a corporate secretary?

In Singapore, businesses must hire a corporate secretary within six months of incorporation. The position cannot be vacant for more than six months, and the person appointed must be a Singapore resident.

What is the difference between the corporate secretary and the company secretary?

"Company secretary" and "corporate secretary" are interchangeable in Singapore and are crucial in ensuring efficient and legally compliant company management.

Why outsource company secretarial services?

Outsourcing secretarial duties saves time and money, especially for foreign entrepreneurs and non-permanent residents outside Singapore. The process of registering and maintaining a company in Singapore can be challenging.

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