Corporate finance services in Singapore

Corporate Finance Services in Singapore

Corporate finance is nothing but the branch of finance dealing with the capital needs for the growth of the business and the tools relating to the proper and thrift allocation of funds towards operations ensuring maximum efficacy.

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IMC employs a team of corporate financial advisors who provide unparalleled corporate financial services to the client. IMC offers a wide range of services in the area of the corporate finance advisory. We work with your company in securing the needed funds for operations. We also provide corporate financial consulting in the matters of mergers and acquisitions. We assist customers to conceptualize and execute cross border mergers while staying within the rules of any existing trade agreement.IMC ensures a global reach for your company with local resources.

Services Offered by IMC

IMC offers a wide range of corporate finance services for your company

  • Merger and Acquisition assistance: While going on board with a merger or acquisition our corporate financial advisor guides your company with the best course of transition, execute deals with precision with side by side deriving the optimal value of the corporate finance advisory.
  • Debt and Capital advisory: Our corporate finance consulting experts guide your company in choosing the best borrowing choice through a wide range of debt and equity markets.
  • Management Advisory: Our experts provide valuable insights to your management while acquiring shares in any other company or while becoming a major stakeholder in a third party business.
  • Venture capital: We assist by providing expert opinion for venture capital formations. We make sure that all the rules and regulations comply with the nature of the venture undertaken
  • Capital markets: we work closely with underwriters, financial advisors and issues of Initial Public Offering(IPO) and also assist the company in issuing right shares, bonus shares, buyback of their shares from the market and issue of debt and equity instruments. We also work with share market regulators while offering the company’s shares for public offering and make sure the shares are in compliant with the securities market regulations.

IMC helps your business to adjust and catch pace with the fast growing options in the business world. We ensure that all your corporate finance needs to be fulfilled by our team. We have a very good expertise and knowledge of the Law as and when required by the company.If your business has a national presence and you are looking forward to an international presence, we are here to guide you through international and cross border advisory.

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