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Trademark Registration in Singapore

The first step before you file your trademark registration in Singapore is to consider probable obstacles and challenges that could appear during the process of registration. The Trademark Comprehensive Study helps in listing all the trademarks that have any similarity graphically and phonetically, which might conflict with one chosen by you. The study also helps in providing an attorney’s professional advice about various possibilities of registration.

An attorney then files the application for trademark registration in Singapore and performs all required steps in the Trademark Office to get approval for registration. After the trademark is filed, we send you a detailed filing report including the application number, date, and a scanned copy of the same.

Trademark registration process in Singapore

General Info

Registration is not just needed for securing rights for a specific trademark. As per the law, prior use is an evidence of trademark ownership. The principle that is effective in Singapore is known as “first to use”.

  Proprietary rights

 Breach of any copyright

 The mark is not unique

 The mark is explanatory

 The mark is very generic

 Notorious or popular mark

 Protection of armorial bearings, country flags and other State emblems

 The mark is against some public policy or any principles of morality

 The mark includes some geographical indication

 Represents the proprietor of the mark

 The mark is of a nature that can deceive the public

Yes, it can be opposed on the following grounds:

The exclusive right for using the registered trademark

  The right to oppose any conflicting applications later

The right for requesting the cancellation of a conflicting registration later

The right to sue any third parties for infringement or for use of a surprisingly similar trademark

The right to license another third parties for using the trademark

The right for requesting for the seizure of counterfeit goods by authorities of customs department

The right to get compensation for any infringement

Yes, one can get the following rights after trademark registration in Singapore:


Trademark FAQs

The average timeline for the registration approval of trademark is 8 months, in case no objections or oppositions come up.

No, the territorial limit of this registration is only in Singapore.





Some three-dimensional shapes




Trade dress or get-up



Certification marks

Collective marks

 Service marks

Any generic terms

Marks that are opposing any moral standards or some specific public order

Non-distinctive trademarks

Names of nations, flags of regions or countries, symbols of states, or of some particular international organizations

marks that function majorly as geographic place names

Renewal Info

Succeeding renewals typically last for a time period of 10 years starting from the renewal date of the registration.

The first renewal date of a trademark’s registration is 10 years from the date of filing the application.

Yes, there is a grace period of six months that is available. However, once the owner fails in renewing the trademark in this time period, then the registration is omitted from the Registry. There is also a penalty fee that is levied for the trademarks that get expired.

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