Get your Employment Pass and work visas by using our Singapore Immigration Services and Work VISAs Services

We offer all assistance to get your dream team on-board.

Get your Employment Pass and work visas by using our Singapore Immigration Services and Work VISAs Services

We offer all assistance to get your dream team on-board.

We offering a wide array of work visa processing services

Steer through the Process with our Specialist

It can be quite complicated to apply for an employment pass. Our experienced professionals help you navigate through the whole process – be it reviewing your application, acting as a liaison with MOM, actually applying for your work pass, and then tracking the application.

Save your Time and Effort

We understand the importance of your time – it’s a valuable resource when running a business. We will take care of all the processes for you and you can focus on the core strategic areas of your business.

Clear Pricing Models

There is no hidden fees – we offer transparent pricing models.

Proper Document Verification

The report needs to be submitted with EP application. Travel is required after receiving approval for EP approval from MOM.

Employment Pass Application

This visa is meant for executives, managers, and skilled professionals. We process our visas through our specialist immigration partner

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Dependant’s Pass with Letter of Consent application

This visa is specifically meant for Dependent Pass Holders who want to work in Singapore. We process the visas through our specialist immigration partner.

IMC Group offers a personalized and professional service in acquiring Singapore work permit or Singapore work pass. We offer different types of Singapore visa applications, and we help you choose the best visa for your requirements.

These are some of the services offered by the IMC under the head of corporate secretarial services in Singapore. We ensure that all your compliances are duly filed within the due date. Keeping your company up to date with statutory regulations is our responsibility. We guarantee professional and timely corporate secretarial services in Singapore.

Employment Pass: It is issued for specialists and executives willing to work in Singapore
Entrepreneur Pass: It is issued for entrepreneurs willing to start their business in Singapore
Dependent’s Pass Application: This visa is issued if the primary work visa holder has a valid Singapore work permit or Singapore work visa to sponsor the dependent.
PEP Application: It is issued to top tier individuals who don’t need the employer’s appointment order to apply for VISA
S Pass Application: This is issued to mid level skilled workers
Permanent Resident: Availing permanent residency is Singapore has a whole lot of benefits. We at IMC ensure that your PR status is obtained without any hassle.

Immigration & Work VISA Services in Singapore - FAQ

What Is Work Permit in Singapore?

The Work Permit in Singapore provides an excellent opportunity for unskilled workers from Asian nations to secure employment in Singaporean companies. The country boasts thriving industries such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and more.

I am a work permit holder; am I eligible to apply for PR?

To qualify for a Permanent Residency (PR) application, you need to meet the criteria outlined in the following categories:

  • Holders of S Pass, Employment Pass, Personalized Employment Pass, and Entrepreneur Pass (for Professionals, Skilled Workers, and Technical Personnel)
  • Spouses of Singapore Citizens or PRs
  • Unmarried children under the age of 21 with at least one parent who is a citizen or PR
  • Parents of a Singapore citizen
  • Student Pass holders with a minimum of two years in Singapore, having successfully completed at least one national exam (e.g., PSLE or GCE 'N'/'O'/'A' levels) or enrolled in the Integrated Program
  • It's important to note that work permit holders, who are foreign workers from approved source countries engaged in the construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or services sector, are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for PR. Nevertheless, if you are married to a Singapore citizen or permanent resident (PR), we can provide assistance through a Sponsored scheme

What Is Singapore Permanent Residence Visa?

The Permanent Residence serves as an exclusive visa option, granting individuals with employment visas, entrepreneurs, and investors the opportunity to reside and work in Singapore indefinitely. This allows them the flexibility and freedom to pursue career advancements while enjoying additional benefits such as access to reasonably priced housing and healthcare, privileges associated with the CPF fund, improved educational opportunities for their children, business autonomy, and more.

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