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Planning to stretch your corporate presence beyond your home country and take your business to the next level?

Whether you are looking to hire international employees without getting into the hassles of setting up a legal entity or looking to onboard contractors in a foreign country or need assistance with your global payroll management or need help to build an effective global employee benefits plan, we are here to help!

Hiring and managing a global workforce can be complex and often puzzling. IMC Group can simplify and streamline your expansion.

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Consulting Services by IMC Group

IMC Group offers consulting services that are specifically designed to simplify your international expansion journey and help you seamlessly navigate various administrative HR tasks. We can provide the support you need – from strategy development to full-scale HR outsourcing.

Global expansion can be a daunting task and having the reassurance that you can rely on the experts for guidance and to steer you in the right direction can boost a lot of confidence. IMC Group gives you that reassurance along with an extra layer of support you need to confidently take your business across borders.

We offer consulting services in the areas of global EOR, hiring and onboarding international contractors, international payroll management, global employee benefits, global employee taxes, and global employee compliance management for small, medium and large organisations.

Our consulting sessions are highly customised based on the individual needs of every business and are intended to help you overcome challenges that are hindering your international growth.

We help you access the Building Blocks to Compliantly Employ your Global Workforce

We guide you for initiating a short term or long term employee hiring
We assist you with information related to visas, taxes and employment regulations
We advise you on country and region specific immigration laws

Capitalize on World’s Talent Pool, Quickly and Compliantly

With the help of our in-country experts, vetted partners and global support teams spanning across 160 diverse markets, we can easily resolve all your international hiring and payroll related queries. We advise you on expanding your global teams with ease, enhancing employee satisfaction, building processes that seamlessly integrate across platforms and more.

We help you overcome the biggest challenges your business is facing in terms of global expansion and employee hiring.

Build Your Global Compliance Strategy

From local labour laws and payroll obligations to tax expertise, our experts continually update their knowledge base to ensure that our clients stay up-to-date on the latest changes in local compliance in over 160 countries across the world. We advise you on effective employment strategies to smoothly integrate those changes.

Discover How IMC Group Can Make Your International Hiring Easier and Smoother

Have questions about how to streamline and safeguard your business during global expansion and how to hire international workforce without getting into the hassles of setting up a legal entity? Our expert hiring consultants will be happy to assist you with your global expansion plans.

Discover how we can facilitate the growth of your global team.

Why Choose Us?

There is not just one reason that our clients rely on us. We are trusted by thousands of organisations across the globe for various reasons. Some of the compelling reasons to choose us include:
Save time to focus on your core business
Simplifying in-country labour laws and tax implication
Get access to richer talent pool across the globe
Effortlessly comply with the local labour laws and reduce risk
Offer competitive benefits across the globe
Gain peace of mind with streamlined processes
Quickly enter into new markets
Accurate and reliable payroll
Discover how effective global mobility solutions can help transform your international business operations

Watch now to elevate your game with efficient employee relocation, tax management, and regulatory compliance. Stay ahead, and stay global!

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Consulting Services - FAQ

Who Are the Top-Rated Singapore Consultants for Businesses?

Singapore has become a renowned global business center because of its attractive corporate tax rates and strategic position as a gateway to Southeast Asia. Numerous prominent international companies have established their offices in Singapore, attracting top-tier business management consultants from around the world.

The diverse pool of consultants in Singapore provides a range of services to both corporate entities and public sector organizations, aiding them in enhancing profitability and undertaking positive transformations in their operations.

Why do companies seek out consultants in Singapore?

Companies often seek consultants in Singapore to address issues hampering organizational progress, like rising supply chain costs or the need to simplify complex structures. Additionally, businesses enlist consultants for evolution, adapting to AI tools or transitioning from manual to digital processes. In uncertain situations, company leaders rely on Singapore consultants to identify improvements and devise strategies for increased profitability.

What Services Do Consulting Firms Provide?

Consulting professionals in Singapore are capable of addressing a variety of business needs, helping companies enhance their operations, overcome challenges, and establish a strong position in a competitive market.

Firms specializing in business management consulting excel in diverse areas, offering businesses valuable expertise to enhance their overall performance, optimize key performance indicators, and elevate organizational productivity and strategic vision.

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