Top FAQs on Moving to Singapore

If you are planning to move to Singapore for work, you might be surrounded with a lot of questions. In this article, we will answer some of the common questions regarding Singapore relocation.

In order to legally work in Singapore, you need to get a work visa before you start working for a Singapore-based company. There are five types of work visas i.e. Work Permit, S Pass, Employment Pass, EntrePass and Personalised Employment Pass

Work Permit and S pass allow basic to mid-level skilled workers to work in Singapore. Employment Pass allows professionals such as managers, executives and specialists to work in Singapore. EntrePass is for foreign entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and R&D-intensive enterprises who wish to incorporate and run a private limited company in Singapore. Personalised Employment Pass is for top-tier or gold collar professionals.

Now, let us answer a few common questions.

The status of the S Pass can be checked by scanning the QR code on it using SGWorkPass mobile application. The application provides all the necessary and latest details of the S Pass like date of expiry and occupation, etc.

The Employment Pass application processing takes 3 weeks of time if it is filed online. However, the duration can be longer during peak period or when additional information is required by the department.

Singapore has no restrictions in relation to the movement of funds in or out of Singapore. The individual must check the rules and regulations in his/her home country if any.

CPF contributions are compulsory only for Singapore citizens and permanent citizens. The Employment Pass holders and the employees are not required to make a contribution to CPF or any other statutory fund.

There are many different schemes available for the foreigners who wish to settle in Singapore. These schemes are Global Investor Scheme, Foreign Artistic Talent, Married Individuals, Aged Parents and Professional/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme.

On approval of the Singapore work visa or permanent residential application, the authorities may ask you to undergo a medical test. The approval letter shall mention whether the medical test is required or not. The medical test may include a blood test, physical test, HIV test and chest x-ray. The approval letter shall have the signature of the physician.

The success with Employment Pass application depends on the credentials of the individual and the company.

The holders of Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment Pass, EntrePass and Personalised Employment Pass must approach the Ministry of Manpower to cancel their Work Visa along with the related passes before the last day of the employment. However, if there is lack of time to cancel the Work Visa due to a sudden termination, the individuals are issued with a 30 day Short Term Visit Pass. This gives sufficient time to cancel the Work Visa and it needs to be returned to the Immigration (ICA) Officer before leaving Singapore.