How to Open a Construction Company in Singapore

The construction industry plays a vital role in the economy of any country. Likewise, the construction sector has been one of the major pillars of the Singapore economy. With many large-scale public sector projects such as the building of business parks, housing projects, etc. the construction sector has seen a sturdy growth. Furthermore, private sector projects involving the construction of residential property, hotels, shopping malls, etc. have also increased significantly. As per the data, Singapore construction demand has grown by 20% on YoY basis. This article will provide the general information that one must know before setting up a construction company in Singapore.

License to Offer Professional Engineering Services

Any firm that intends to provide professional engineering services must hold a license provided by the Professional Engineers Board (PEB). Holding a license is compulsory under the Professional Engineers Act and is given only to multi-disciplinary partnerships, unlimited companies, limited companies, and limited liability partnerships.

The construction companies that indulge in providing the following types of business activities must obtain a license by the Professional Engineers Board.

  • Building completion
  • Building construction
  • Building installation
  • Mixed construction
  • Construction work other than constructing buildings
  • Lease construction equipment
  • Site preparation work
  • Structural repair works
  • Other specialized construction

Requirements for License to Offer Professional Engineering Services

Incorporation of Business

The first and foremost thing a business must do to obtain a license to offer Professional Engineering Services is to register itself as a limited company, an unlimited company, a multi-disciplinary partnership, or a limited liability partnership in Singapore. However, if it is a foreign company it can register itself as a Singapore subsidiary company or a Singapore branch office.

Criteria to Obtain License

The Professional Engineers Board of Singapore has prescribed certain criteria for the companies registered in Singapore in order to obtain a license for offering professional engineering services. The license shall be granted only upon fulfillment of those criteria.

Criteria for Limited Companies

  • The constitution of the company must mention that the main objective of business is to provide professional engineering services.
  • The minimum paid up capital of the company must be $500,000.
  • The Article of Association of the company must mention that the majority of company’s directors would be registered professional engineers or allied professionals.
  • Professional liability insurance is compulsory.
  • The company that undertakes the professional engineering work in Singapore must be under the management and control of a director who is a registered professional engineer and holds a valid practicing

Approval of Premises

  • Approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) is required if you use a conservation building as office premises and make changes to the building.
  • To display signs on conservation building approval from the Building and Construction Authority is required.

There are many other norms that need to be fulfilled to get the approval of premises.

Professional Engineering Services License Application Procedure

The Professional Engineers Board of Singapore grants a license only after approving the following supporting documents;

  • Certified copy of company’s constitution.
  • List of members and directors of the company and their particulars of the professional qualification.
  • Certified copy of ‘Professional Liability Insurance Policy’ and insurance company confirmation that it fulfills the Section 24 of the Professional Engineers Act.

Certified copy of Incorporation Certificate of the company and corporate shareholders.

  • Certified copy of the resolution passed by the board of directors on the appointment of a director.
  • Certified copy of latest Annual Return lodged with ACRA.
  • Copy of documents submitted to the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Singapore Company Registrar.
  • A statutory declaration in a prescribed format, dated less than two months before the submission date of application suggesting that the directors have adhered to the all criteria.


The license will be granted on successful submission and processing of the documents. The license is valid for a period of two months and renewal must be made before two months of the expiry date. The annual license fee is S$300.

Other Licenses Required

  • Permit for Road Occupation Management
  • License To Occupy And Operate Scheduled Premises
  • Telecommunication Wiring Contractor’s License
  • Advertisement License
  • General Radio Communication License
  • Localized Private Network License
  • Localized Radio Communication License
  • Wide-area private Network License
  • Non-Residential TV License
  • License to Discharge Trade Effluents

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