How to Open Hotel in Singapore – Licenses, Requirements, Procedure

Singapore is one of the favourite tourist destinations across the globe. In order to serve the tourists throughout the year, the hotel industry of Singapore is doing a commendable job. The hotel industry in the country is growing rapidly and it is one of the topmost contributors of revenue to the Singapore economy.

The hotel sector works closely with the government to drive strategic alignment towards the growth and development of the hotel industry. To set up a hotel in Singapore one must obtain certain licenses. Therefore, in this article, you shall learn about the things to know before setting up a hotel in Singapore.

Licenses for Setting up Hotel in Singapore

Any person who is willing to operate a hotel or lodging house or guest house or boarding house in Singapore must get from Hotels Licensing Board a Certificate of Registration in order to use the premises like a hotel and a Hotel-Keeper’s License for managing the hotel.

Requirements for Obtaining Certificate of Registration and Hotel-Keeper’s License

  • Business Incorporation
  • Approval of Premises
  • Appointment of a Hotel-keeper
  • Advertising the Application
  • Clearance from National Environment Agency
  • Approval from Fire Safety Department
  • Approval from Building Construction Authority

Procedure for Applying for Certificate of Registration and Hotel-Keeper’s License

  • In order to obtain a license, you have to submit an application form with the following supporting documents to the Hotels Licensing Board:
  1. Letter of approval grant from the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore
  2. Letter with the details of the estimated commencement date of operation of the hotel
  • Resume of the proposed hotel keeper
  1. Advertisement copy
  2. A copy of all the approvals, permits and certificates obtained from various authorities
  • If there are no objections within 14 days of the date of advertisement, the successful processing of the application takes three weeks of time.
  • The license is renewable on annual basis and valid till December of every year.
  • The issuance license fee is S$100 and depending upon the number of rooms in the hotel annual registration fee ranges from S$200 to S$400.

Non-Residential TV License

In order to operate or broadcast on any premise that is capable of receiving broadcasting signals, a hotel must obtain a Non-Residential TV License from the Media Development Authority of Singapore. To apply for the Non-Residential TV License, the hotel must be a registered Singapore company, business, or limited liability partnership with the Singapore companies Registrar, ACRA.

Public Entertainment License/ Arts Entertainment License

If any ad-hoc entertainment is to be organized at any place which is accessible by the public then the Public Entertainment License and Arts Entertainment License issued by the Singapore Police Force, under the Public Entertainments & Meetings Act is required.

Public Establishment License

In order to organize public entertainment like bars, nightclubs, cafés, discotheques, KTV lounges, lounges, pubs, restaurants and snack bars at the establishment a Public Establishment License is required.

Copyright Permit

Copyright Permit is required if you are going to play or reproduce music or videos that have been copyrighted. Therefore, before playing such content the permission of copyright owners is required.

Other Licenses Required for Setting up Hotel

  • Halal Certification
  • Massage Establishment License
  • Money Changer’s License:
  • Swimming Pool License
  • Tobacco Retail License
  • License to Operate a Food Processing Establishment
  • Registration to Import Food and Food Appliances
  • Petroleum / Flammable Materials Storage License
  • Advertisement License
  • General Radio Communication License
  • Localized Private Network License
  • Localized Radio Communication License
  • Wide-area private Network License
  • License to Discharge Trade Effluents
  • Approval for Premises

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