How to Open Spa in Singapore – Licenses, Approvals, Requirements

The spa industry is one of the important pillars of Singapore’s health and wellness sector. Singapore spa industry’s worth is more than S$100 million a year. One of the major reasons for the boost in the spa industry in Singapore is the rapidly growing tourism sector in the country. After all, all of us love to rejuvenate and comfort ourselves with the luxurious treatments.

It is one of the most promising business ideas that is flourishing in the Singapore market at the moment. If you want to enter this industry, here are a few things to know before starting a spa in Singapore.

Licenses Required for Setting up a Spa in Singapore

Massage Establishment License

If you are willing to offer massage services, foot-reflexology services, manicure treatments, spa baths or other similar treatments at an establishment then according to the Massage Establishment Act, you are required to obtain a Massage Establishment (ME) License. There are two categories of ME Licenses viz, Category I and Category II. Category I Licenses have more advantages than the Category II Licenses. Some of the benefits of Category I licenses are unrestricted operating hours, serve alcohol, admit customers irrespective of age, etc.

Requirements for Massage Establishment License

  • Business Incorporation

In order to obtain an ME License for a spa business, you must be registered with the Singapore Companies Registrar, ACRA. You can do the registration process yourself or take the help of experts like IMC Group who can help you with the new company formation in Singapore.

  • Approval of Premises

Spa centres that go for Category I License have the permission to operate in premises like private shopping centres, commercial complexes, hotels etc. On the other hand, the spa centres that opt for Category II License must establish their business away from residential areas, schools, places of worship and hospitals. If any alterations or additions are to be made in the conservation building, an approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) is required. Furthermore, to display signs at the conservation building, an approval from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is required.

The layout of the premises must comply with the guidelines laid down. They are as follows;

  • There should be no locking device for the doors of the treatment or massage room.
  • The numbering of the rooms should be done as per the layout plan.
  • There should not be any placement of a warning device to alert the staff about the arrival of the enforcement officers.
  • The staff room must have proper signage with a “No Entry?” in order to prevent unauthorized entry by the customers.
  • There should not be any permanent or temporary objects or structures in the massage rooms so that there is a clear view of the massage rooms whenever the doors are opened.
  • If the spa centre serves both males and females, there should be proper segregation of male and females areas at the establishment.

Hiring Staff

Spa owners have the authority to hire local and foreign talent. The work involves foot-reflexologists, masseuses or therapists. IMC Group provides visa services in Singapore to hire employees. Before commencing the work, the foreigners must obtain Singapore work permit. Moreover, to employ staff to work in the spa, approval of the Licensing Officer is required.

Other Licenses Requires for Starting Spa in Singapore

  • Advertisement License
  • General Radio Communication License
  • Localized Private Network License
  • Localized Radio Communication License
  • Wide-area private Network License
  • Non-Residential TV License
  • License to keep or possess an irradiating apparatus
  • License to keep or possess radioactive materials
  • License for handling and transporting radioactive materials

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