Singapore Company Incorporation Options for the Foreign Companies

Multinational Organizations in Singapore

If you want business expansion or considering the possibility of a long-term presence in Singapore, you have landed on the right page. Singapore offers an excellent opportunity to form your business without much hassle. Additionally, it provides the businesspersons 100% of the ownership of their companies, an alluring tax system, and no prohibition of earnings and capital repatriation.

Opt For Any of The Following Packages for Company Incorporation in Singapore

It is the best package for you if you want to register a Subsidiary company in Singapore and relocate executives to manage the business operations. The Singapore company has to be incorporated before your EP application can be processed.

You can opt for this package if you want to open a branch office in any location in Singapore but do not want to relocate any executive to Singapore. In this package, you will get the services of one nominee local agent to meet the statutory requirement for one local agent.

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This package is ideal for those individuals who wish to open a Subsidiary company but do not wish to relocate to Singapore. To meet the Singapore Statutory requirements, this package offers the nominee resident director services.

It is the perfect package for those wishing to open a Branch office in Singapore and relocate executives to manage business operations. However, the Singapore company should be incorporated before processing the Employment Pass application.

You can select this package if you want to evaluate opportunities before you make a long-term commitment to business expansion. The Representative office has to be registered before the processing of the Employment Pass application for the representative from the HQ of your company.

If you are seeking opportunities to expand your business in Singapore, contact our professional incorporation specialists to help you with your incorporation needs.

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