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Advantages of Freelance Permits in U.A.E.

Advantages of Freelance Permits in UAE

Advantages of Freelance Permits in U.A.E.


A freelance permit offers you an opportunity to work on your own as a sole practitioner or an independent contractor. Working like this is entirely legal in the U.A.E. if you have the required permit. However, it’s important to note that in the U.A.E., you can get the permit as an Independent Contractor only if you are pursuing some selected professional activities (most of which are media-related) that are approved by the government.

Information you would need

Freelancer contractors can apply for this work permit and residence from some selected free zones located in the U.A.E., which also let you to set up and run your business in your birth name that is equivalent to the brand name. Essentially, your profession should be related to the listed free zones activities which are principally media-related like artists, directors, editors, writers, photographers, producers, make-up artists, and other technicians in the field of TV, Radio and films.

There’s also a recent trend where many professionals and businessmen want to gauge the market before they plan to invest and establish a company in U.A.E. Taking a freelance permit provides entrepreneurs with an option to test the market without investing or risking a big amount.


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