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Export Control Services


We assist clients with their international assignment programs and guide businesses in compliances and complex export control regulations. In a growing global economy, expanding your market over borders can usher change, improve business metrics and develop a brand value that is imperative in the present competitive business climate. IMC can help tailor compliance policies, support implementation and assess the complex export control regulations so that your business can minimise logjams, delays and cost spillages arising from poor planning. Working together with your staff, we can also review your existing export compliance processes and in that regards aid in

  • Developing a system for export management
  • Sorting of export goods
  • Reporting trade agreements
  • Reviewing compliance policies per region
  • Strategic planning and compliance guidance
  • Drafting your corporate mobility policies

Our holistic approach to mobility issues can help you move personnel and products across borders with ease and in full respect of various laws.

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