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Corporate Shareholder Services

Corporate Shareholder Services

Provided you have already resorted to our wide-range of firm establishment services, it’ time to understand the nooks and crannies of organizational confidentiality, especially when it comes to managing operational activities. At IMC, we believe that it is not always possible for the beneficial owners to reveal identities while making specific transactions. This is where our Corporate Shareholder Services come into play.

Why Corporate Shareholders are Necessary?

Independent corporate shareholders help business owners protect the confidential user data or personal identity. In simpler terms, corporate shareholders represent the financial and administrative interests of the concerned firms, so that the owner doesn’t need to come out in the open. The main aim of the shareholder is to sign or even co-sign the ‘Declaration of Trust’ on the company’s behalf. 

The Role of IMC

IMC offers dedicated and reliable shareholder services to the companies, working closely with the investors. Investor relations are necessary to maintain for a newly established company. Shareholder services offered by IMC make sure that there are adequate links between the owner and the investors. Shareholders positioned by us help the firms with proxy solicitation, employee equity planning, mortgage solicitation, and support across IPOs.

At IMC, we make sure that the shareholder services are provided, in compliance with the region-specific governance and jurisdiction. There are regions where corporate shareholding is allowed and IMC makes sure that there aren’t any ambiguities when implementation is concerned.

IMC also takes managed funds into consideration while offering shareholder support services to the companies. In these cases, the responsibilities of the shareholders often overlap with those of other operational services. IMC makes sure that there isn’t any interference and shareholders also work as transfer agents, if and when required.

Our Corporate Shareholding Service Sets include:

  • Communication with the financial advisors and intermediaries.
  • Compliance with the local shareholding guidelines.
  • Record-keeping of the investments.
  • Initiating and supervising confidential transactions.
  • Administrative responsibilities.
  • Necessary stock transfers.
  • Redirecting communications.
  • Streamline diverse corporate actions as depositories.

Why Choose IMC?

The corporate shareholder services offered by IMC aren’t typical proxy advisories. Instead of targeting hedge firms and other relevant organizations, IMC follows a definite protocol where all the ongoing shareholder requirements are attended to.

IMC is one company that pairs effective Market Intelligence with TCA for assessing the extent of the shareholding services offered to the client.

Our corporate shareholder services are in accordance with the EVA or ‘Economic Value Added’ standards of the organization. We offer dedicated services and innovative solutions for helping organization ease of the financial and administrative complications.

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