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Emirati Visitors Would Now Get Visa on Arrival in India

Emirati visitors would now get visa on arrival in India

Emirati Visitors Would Now Get Visa on Arrival in India


There’s good news for UAE nationals travelling to India. Now, Emiratis to get a visa on arrival in six airports in India. As per the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, this visa would be valid for a time limit of a maximum of 60 days and would be double entry for tourism, business, conference and medical purposes.

It is going to be applicable for six international airports in India which are Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata.

But the scheme applies only for people who have previously obtained an e-visa or usual Indian paper visa. Emiratis who are travelling to India for the first time are recommended to apply for either the paper visa or the e-visa.

The statement ‘Introduction of Visa-on-Arrival facility to nationals of the United Arab Emirates’ announced by the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi on November 17, 2019, mentioned that this service has a goal of further fortifying tourism and also trade relations and strategic relations between these two nations.

UAE nationals who are coming to India can now obtain on-arrival visa starting from November 16, 2019, announced the Government of India. This move has an objective to further solidify people to people and the business links in these two countries.

The criteria for UAE nationals:

  • This visa-on-arrival service is applicable only for those Emiratis who have obtained an e-Visa or usual paper visa previously for travelling to India.
  • UAE nationals who are travelling to India for the first time will have to apply for regular paper visa or e-Visa for India.
  • Pakistan-origin nationals of UAE would not be eligible for this visa-on-Arrival scheme.
  • All other pre-requisites and conditions, which are applicable for Japanese and South Korean nationals, would also be valid for Emiratis.


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