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Indian IT Industry to Invest $3 Million in Bahrain

Indian IT Industry to Invest $3 Million in Bahrain

Indian IT Industry to Invest $3 Million in Bahrain

Last Updated on July 13, 2020


There are seven IT companies that are interested in investing approximately $3.1 million or 210 crore rupees for Bahrain company formation.The monetary investment will help to improve Bahrain’s technology and communication. Bahrain Economic Development Board has approved the seven IT consultants of India to invest in Bahrain’s developmental sectors. The seven Indian IT firms include IT consultants, software developers, and hardware developers. The announcement of investment was made in 2019 through an official statement.

It is needless to say that India is an emerging global power, and this is the reason the Gulf country is keen to collaborate with India. According to the officials, India has been developing its IT sectors, and Bahrain wants to be a strategic partner in the technology domain. In order to make the investment easier, The Central Bank of Bahrain is trying to provide an investment-friendly environment. Once the investment is made, the digital business like data privacy technology, Robo advisory for monitoring the insurance, and regulatory sandbox will thrive. 


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