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Trust, Foundation, and Your Company

Trust Foundation Formation

Trust, Foundation, and Your Company

Last Updated on February 11, 2021


It goes without saying that establishing a firm feels incomplete if the pillars of organizational trust and entrepreneurial foundation aren’t taken care of. At IMC, we believe that the company culture and its global outreach depend on the trust level it builds with the contemporaries. A trustworthy company gets noticed more than any other firm in the global landscape and this is what we aim to achieve for our diversified clientele.

Establishing and administering trust and foundation are our key areas of expertise. Our in-house professionals understand the stringent global guidelines and make sure companies avoid any conflict of professional interest while conducting business. Besides creating an aura of accountability, we also put efforts in maintaining the same for a significant timeframe.

Enlisting the Benefits of Trust and Foundation Formation

IMC believes that helping companies with trust and foundation building can have a host of positive effects on the credibility quotient and overall business presence. Trust formation helps with better tax savings as the company is then known to abide by all the regulatory guidelines in play. Moreover, asset protection is also possible with these strategies in play.

At IMC, we approach Trust and Foundation formation in a subtle manner by helping owners identify the trustee and initiate property transfers with ease. We understand that businesses like aggressive expansions but nothing fits them better than having a trustee hold organizational property for minimizing tax-based implications.

In regard to Foundation formation services, we follow a streamlined approach and help companies find a middle way between corporation establishment and a trust. Needless to say, companies can then protect and preserve their assets from the creditors.

Besides the obvious tax and asset-specific benefits, IMC makes it a case of extend the set of perks to the clientele. With us on-board, it becomes easier to experience unmatched organizational privacy, tax free transactions, inclusion of foreign owners into the firm, and even unquestioned confidentiality across diverse sources. Not just that, we assure privacy, competent relationship planning, and seamless property succession for simplifying business activities.

Why Trust and Foundation formation is necessary?

We understand that companies are mostly worried about asset protection and contingency planning. Therefore, we make sure that the concerned Trust and Foundation simplifies the legal and economic proceedings for each one of our clients.

Not just the professional setups, these services are compatible with family and personal businesses where property succession is a matter of concern. A company that gives attention to Trust and Foundation formation can avail the benefit of better estate planning, 100 percent ownership, and minimal to no taxation. However, the regulations and economic implications vary according to the region of interest.

Why Choose IMC?

Each one of our services is always in sync with the interest of the founders and concerned beneficiaries. Besides rendering extensive levels of professional support, we also cater to highly specific and discrete client requirements.

We ensure:

  • Exclusive structure advice to companies for working in a highly efficient environment
  • Provisioning of secretarial, trusteeship, and corporate services for members of the Trust and Foundation
  • Error-free structuring, drafting, and establishment of the concerned setups
  • Proper provisioning of the registered offices
  • Seamless access to the general administration
  • Efficient bookkeeping services
  • Perfect tax filing, in accordance with relevant authorities
  • Choosing the appropriate Trust and Foundation structure
  • Provisioning for Due-Diligence

Connect with IMC for establishing Trust and Foundation which would help you with

  • Better Financial Privacy
  • Strongest Possible Asset Protection
  • Tax Minimization
  • Improved Succession Planning
  • Financial Planning


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