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The winner emerges: UAE bags the top spot in FDI

In a recent survey by the Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation, Dhaman UAE has bagged the top spot for the most foreign direct investments made in 2016. As per the Foreign Direct Investment market database, a total of 616 companies in 2016 launched 773 new foreign investment enterprises in Arab countries with a total investment cost of $94 billion. There has been an inflow of $9 billion or DH 33.3 billion in the year 2016 followed by Egypt in the second and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the third place.

In the investment report released by the Kuwait based company, it is to note that the Gulfco-operation Council countries had surpassed their Arab neighbors in pulling of FDI towards their economy. There is also an improvement in the FDI sector as compared to the levels in 2015.

This report helps the investors to channel their funds by determining the strength and weakness of the countries. This report presents the most desirable country for FDI by keeping in tune with the foreign economic policies and the investment policies drafted by the country. In 2016, UAE and Egypt had absorbed more than 80% of the foreign direct investment when compared to other Arab countries.

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