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Dubai Government is Opening up More Opportunities for the Private Sector

Dubai government is opening up more opportunities for the private sector

Dubai Government is Opening up More Opportunities for the Private Sector


Dubai Government is Opening up More Opportunities for the Private Sector

Dubai is now taking measures to control or limit the number of state enterprises to lend more support towards the expansion of the private sector entities and enable their economic growth. To help with the already underway efforts by the governments to re-assess the function of both the public and private sectors, all the state-run businesses or enterprises would now only be set up to enable fulfilling national security or any governmental need. The government would only mediate and interfere in scenarios where the private sector is not capable of offering the services or goods required or wherever the government might attain a better result.

The higher committee is currently managing the demand and supply projections and giving guidance on sectors where private companies can possibly handle additional responsibilities. Besides this, new government entities are also expected to function without governmental prejudice, to help reduce any additional gain over private-sector partners.

The positive approach of the government in providing a level playing field for the UAE’s private sector, assisting to enable fair competition for all the big players in the market. There is still hope that with this new attitude and viewpoint, the private sector will be able to create newer jobs and company registration in Dubai, while also helping to enhance economic development in this region. So, if you aim for best company formation in UAE and need professional advice or guidance for the same, please get in touch with us and we would be glad to help.


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