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Here is The Process to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore

Permanent Residency in Singapore

Here is The Process to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Singapore

Last Updated on July 2, 2021


Getting a PR in Singapore will fetch you almost all the same benefits as an originated Singapore citizen. The only key differentiator would be you’ll not be getting any voting rights. To look for corporate or professional penetration in Singapore, you need to have a Permanent Residency pass. Getting a PR will also help you with Singapore Company IncorporationIn other words, if you are looking forward to professional penetration in Singapore, getting a permanent residency will solve all the problems of yours and will ease up the process.

The process to apply for a PR in Singapore is quite complex and involves a lot of steps. Let’s understand each one of them in brief –

1. Decide when to apply for PR

The very first question that pops up is when to apply for a PR in Singapore. Generally one can apply for the PR from the day he or she starts working in that country on an employment pass. However, one of the basic requirements that need to be met before applying for a PR is to have pay slips from a Singaporean Employer for 6 consecutive months. So it eventually means that one should have to wait for six months from the date he or she has started working in a Singaporean company.

2. Calculate your chances of approval

Apart from the type of employment pass, you are holding, and the duration of your employment in Singapore, many other factors need to be kept in mind while thinking about the approval of your PR application.

They are as follows:

  • The academic background has a role to play here. The academic degree you hold and from which university or board it is accredited with is considered.
  • Your physical presence in Singapore. The chances of getting a PR application approved are directly proportionate to the duration of your presence in Singapore.
  • The stability of your employment and a job profile is also taken into consideration for calculating your chances of getting a PR in Singapore.
  • Your financial soundness and salary also play an important role.
  • Your background will also be checked.

3. Reviewing the requirement for the application

Once you meet all the basic eligibility criteria, you are all set to fill in the application form and proceed with the future course of action. You can download the PR application form very conveniently. You need to download two forms, one is form 4A and the other one is accompanying notes to form 4A. Form 4A comprises of two parts, the first one is the PR application form and the other one is Annexe A. the first one is to be completed by you while Annexe A is to be filled by your employer. The second document contains explanatory notes. The whole applications along with supporting documents can be now submitted online through ICA portal via Sing Pass.

4. File Supporting Documents

The most crucial step in filling an application to get the Permanent Residency of Singapore includes properly filling the supporting documents. In case if you commit even the slightest of the error, your application will be rejected then and there. The list of supporting documents is mentioned in the explanatory document which was downloaded in the fourth step. Let’s lookout for some important guidelines that you need to take into account before filing the documents –

  • At the time of submitting the PR application online, you will need to upload the scanned copies of the original documents.
  • In case if you have any official document that is in your native language, you need to get it officially translated into English.
  • Having any previous experience or recommendation letters are useful. You can even contact your previous employers for any sort of help.
  • If you owe any property in Singapore, attaching the documents that state the same will work as a cherry on the cake.
  • Attaching a most recent copy of your resume is useful.
  • Preparing a cover-letter beforehand that articulates your entire journey with Singapore will work for you to get the brownie points.

Procedure for Application of S Pass Singapore

Documents needed to file your PR application

  • Employment Proof.
  • Education Proof - Degree, Diplomas, and certificates from your high school or universities.
  • Your most recent CV.
  • If you have any property in Singapore- Documents supporting your ownership.
  • Letter of recommendations.
  • Proof of your income - salary sleep, your bank passbooks.
  • Documents of your spouse or children.

How Long Does it Take?

The entire process of applying for a PR in Singapore will take around 4-6 months, officially. However, the capacity of the Singaporean government to grant PR per annum comes to 30,000 applications. So the actual weight before getting a PR is undescribed.

What is the cost involved in applying to get a Permanent Residency Pass?

The cost involved in the procedure of filing a PR application is $100 which is non-refundable for each application. In case your application gets approved, you have to pay a sum of $120 which includes the fees of your entry permit, 5 years of re-entry, and an identity card issue.

There are various types of PR schemes for varied classes of individuals. Let’s consider each one of them in brief along with the requirements they have to fulfill.

1. Singapore PR Scheme for Individual Employees

This is the most legit way of getting a PR in Singapore because a lot many skilled workers come to the land to work for the country and directly contribute towards the economical growth. The first step in initiating a PR application process is to relocate to Singapore either with an employment pass or entrepreneurial pass, or a personalized employment pass. After you relocate to Singapore and stay in the country for a minimum of 6 months, you can apply for a PR.

2. Singapore PR Schemes for Investors

One can also apply for a PR through investing in the Global Investor Programme. You can take the benefits of this in two different ways either you or your immediate family members can plan for company formation in Singapore or invest in an established business in the country. 

3. Singapore PR Schemes for Artistic Talent

If you are blessed with an artistic eye and are inclined toward curating new art in the form of paintings, music, literature, photography, dance, or a film, then the value of your talent will be appreciated in the Singaporean geographies. The scope of new and modern art has increased rapidly over the year in Singapore. The citizens and the government value the individual talent from other geographies that have that hunger to create something new and something different. Individuals who have a concrete plan to involve and grow Singaporean art and culture with a track record of local engagements to showcase on a global platform are more than welcomed and offered a PR.

After having an insight into the brief procedure of applying for a Singaporean PR, there are a few basic things that need to be catered from the legal and political point of view. These include anyone with a minimum 21 years of age, at least before two to six years from the date of applying for a PR, is even eligible to make the application. The government of Singapore welcomes the arrival of people with “want to create something big and out of the box” to contribute towards the overall growth of the country.


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