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Shops and Eligibility Act in India – Everything you need to know

Shops and Establishment Act in India

Shops and Eligibility Act in India – Everything you need to know


The Shops and Establishment Act is authorized in every state in India and it controls most business entities in the nation. Some of the primary goals of this Act include controlling payment relating to wages, occasions, terms of employment, leaves, work conditions, over time work, maternity leave and advantages, the depiction of work, rules for work of youngsters among many other things for individuals involved in shops and other business establishments. The Shop and Establishment Act is enforced nationwide. All commercial establishments in India such as hotels, eateries, theatres, amusement parks, theatres and other entertainment houses all come under the purview of this Act.

In the act, a “commercial establishment” is defined as:

  • Any business organization in the commercial sector like banking, insurance or trading establishments.
  • Establishments where citizens are employed or engaged to complete office work or provide professional services.
  • Hotels, eateries, restaurants, boarding houses, small café or refreshment houses.
  • Entertainment and amusement places like theatres, cinema halls or amusement parks.

All the above mentioned enterprises fall under the Act and are thereby, expected to adhere to the rules, regulations and norms that are set by the Act for better treatment of their employees. The exceptions to the Shops and Establishment Act varies from state to state in India. Each state in the country submits a list of all shops and establishments that come into the Act and outlines who are the ones required to complete registrations under the Act in order to run their company in the state.

When do I need to register my business under the Shops and Establishment Act?

You must apply for registration under the Shops and Establishment law within 30 days of establishing your business, a store of any of the establishments mentioned above. This registration is important and necessary for multiple reasons, such as opening a new current account in a bank. This registration works as a basic license and a proof of your enterprise while applying for other registrations that are required to run and manage a business in India. Incorporation and online shopping forms are available for you access on the government website.

The application process for the registration

Each and every state in India has established different regulations and rules for registration under the Shops and Establishment law. However, the basic procedure is still the same. As per the law, every business has to obtain approval from the Ministry of Labour. You can obtain the registration certificate from the Chief of the Shops and Law inspector of the facility or from any other inspector who is authorized to the region in which the facility is run.

An application, in the specified form, must be submitted to the relevant inspector along with the following documentation:

  • Name of the business in question
  • The name and details of the owner as well as employees (during the time of business formation)
  • The address of the business facility and a copy of the bill of sale. Alternatively, the lease contract for the shop is also accepted
  • The business owner’s PAN card number

All the above listed details and documentation should be submitted in the form along with the relevant fees set for the inspector in charge.

After the application is received, the allotted inspector will review the details and visit your business facility. If necessary, the inspector will provide a certificate of registration under the law. The registration certificate obtained should be displayed in a visible, significant place inside the store and should also be renewed in case any of the details provided (like the number of employees, etc.) should be changed. The certification should also be renewed upon expiration. Registering a business the Shop and Establishment Law is one of the many mandatory requirements for all businesses operating from a store or a facility. In cases of facility changes or closures, all the relevant details should be presented to the inspector within fifteen days of the planned change or closure.

Businesses that run out of stores or facilities need this licensing or registration to prove its authenticity while planning to increase investment through bank loans or from investment capital. The above described registration process can be fully completed and the formal, printed version of the license will be issued within 10 business days in most of the cities and may take a little longer elsewhere.


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