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Post Covid Business Opportunities for British Companies in India

India offering numerous post-Covid business opportunities for British Companies, says Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Pingla

Indian Foreign Secretary, Harsh Vardhan Pingla claimed that India is offering numerous business opportunities for British Companies in the post Covid period. Indian Foreign Secretary, in his inaugural address at Confederation of Indian Industry's 125th Annual Conference in the UK, " A New India-UK Economic Partnership in a New World: Lives, Livelihood, and Growth" affirmed over a virtual platform on 15th of September, 2020.
Steps Company Formation in India

Steps for Company Formation in India

A company in India is an artificial person, and its registration is a complex and lengthy process. There are numerous formalities and paperwork that should be complete before you approach the registrar of companies for incorporation.
Share Transfer Process in India

Here is a Detailed Guide to Share Transfer Process in India

The ownership of any Public Limited or private limited company in India is critically defined by the shareholdings of the company. Transfer of shares implies the voluntary handing of rights and duties of a shareholder, who does not wish to continue as a member of the company, to a person who wants to take the position.