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Avoid the AED 10,000 Fine: UAE’s New Corporate Tax Registration Deadlines


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The Cabinet Decision No.10 of 2024, which came into effect on March 1, 2024, has been announced. The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has outlined important dates for corporate tax registration, and it’s crucial to act swiftly. If you miss the deadline, you could be facing an AED 10,000 ($2700.00) fine.

The first deadline for juridical persons is May 31, 2024. This is part of the new tax rules from the FTA, reflecting the Corporate Taxation Law that kicked in last June, affecting all financial periods starting from then.

For any businesses commenced before March 1, 2024, you need to register for corporate tax by the dates mentioned below. And if you’re a new business by March 1, 2024, you have three months to register.

Staying on top of these rules is key.
Month of Licence issuance irrespective of year of issuance Deadline to apply for Corporate Tax Registration
1 January – 31 January 31 May 2024
1 February – 28/29 February 31 May 2024
1 March – 31 March 30 June 2024
1 April – 30 April 30 June 2024
1 May – 31 May 31 July 2024
1 June – 30 June 31 August 2024
1 July – 31 July 30 September 2024
1 August – 31 August 31 October 2024
1 September – 30 September 31 October 2024
1 October – 31 October 30 November 2024
1 November – 30 November 30 November 2024
1 December – 31 December 31 December 2024
Companies often struggle to keep up with changing tax regulations. At IMC, our experienced team is committed to helping in-house tax departments smoothly navigate the new corporate tax (CT) landscape with our Corporate Tax Advisory in UAE. Our tax experts conduct tax impact assessments, examine transfer pricing, review cross-border transactions, and develop operational strategies for businesses throughout the UAE.
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IMC is your go-to expert for Corporate Tax in the U.A.E. We’re dedicated to assisting you in keeping up with tax regulations so you can focus on growing your business. IMC Group believes in empowering businesses with the knowledge and tools they need for complete tax compliance.

Trust us to guide you through these changes with ease and confidence.

Remember, it’s not just about avoiding fines – it’s about ensuring your business thrives under the new tax laws. Let IMC help you get there.

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