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Dubai Gets Back to Business with Renewed Vigour and Confidence

Dubai Gets Back to Business with Renewed Vigour and Confidence

Dubai Gets Back to Business with Renewed Vigour and Confidence

Last Updated on November 10, 2021


Dubai Expo 2020 being in full throttle and pandemic restrictions tapering off, Dubai gets back to business with renewed vigour, and enthusiasm. The overall sentiment and outlook markedly improved and business confidence hit a multi-year high as companies in the emirate witnessed a significantly improved business ambience before the start of the nation’s biggest event, Dubai Expo 2020.

While the entire world was grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, Dubai and UAE government authorities remained firm in their resolve and never took their eyes off the immediate needs of economic stimulus packages and wide-scale vaccination. Dubai recovered at a spectacular pace just before the inaugural ceremony of the country’s greatest event and started inviting the world for a new business setup in Dubai with its zeal and dynamism like before.

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in its July 2021 survey reported a high level of optimism amongst firms about future business activities in more than a year. ‘Business confidence in Dubai reached its third-highest level in 10 years as companies in the emirate begin to feel the positive impact of Expo 2020 Dubai’ the survey reported.

While 76% of respondents surveyed expected improved business confidence in the fourth quarter of 2021, 66% believed it to be in the third quarter and 48% in the second quarter of 2021, the quarterly Business Leaders’ Outlook Survey revealed.

All contributing factors towards improved expectations of business conditions showed positive bias in Q3 compared to Q2 2021 and mainly due to exceptional rise was seen in financial transactions.

Major factors for high levels of confidence and positive attitudes amongst business leaders were cited as proactive approaches of the government, growing domestic demand, economic stimulus and vaccination drives. As per the survey findings, the SMEs were more optimistic about the economic recovery of Dubai compared to big business houses.

Increase in input buying and inventories helped raise the purchasing activity at the fastest rate. “Expansions were also recorded in purchasing activity and inventories during August. Delivery times, meanwhile, lengthened for the seventh consecutive month, although the downturn was only marginal,” IHS Markit reported.

Most companies in Dubai also started hiring more employees and employment levels started growing at the fastest pace since November 2019. Many firms expanded their staff capacity expecting higher spending and growth that led to the highest rise in job creation.

In his comments on the survey findings, Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber remarked said, “The findings demonstrate Dubai’s success in minimising the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic through a series of policies, initiatives and measures that have ensured a favourable business environment and addressed new challenges created by the pandemic.”

He also emphasised, “Dubai Expo 2020 is expected to fast track Dubai’s economic recovery and boost the emirate’s appeal among foreign companies and investors.” As per him, various sectors including trade, tourism, hospitality and logistics are likely to see the most business activity during Expo.

The non-oil private sector registered the highest level of growth in business after being subdued for nearly two years. Businesses soared to record highs for the construction companies and travel and tourism sectors as the economy bounces back due to the recent boom in reality due to huge capital infusion and relaxation in travel. The seasonally adjusted PMI data of IHS Markit, covering services and manufacturing activities rose to more than 50 levels, 53.3 in September and 55.7 in October signifying reasonable economic expansion.

David Owen, an economist at IHS Markit remarked,

“The Expo 2020 finally began in the UAE at the start of October and brought a highly welcome upsurge in growth across the non-oil private sector.”

A remarkable surge in business activities was also noticed in the aviation and hospitality sectors primarily driven by fewer travel restrictions and Dubai Expo. The hotels in Dubai recorded the highest level of occupancy in recent times.

The World Bank’s latest forecast on the UAE suggests that the country would grow 4.6% next year as many tourists visit the country for the Expo. The traditionally strong sectors of UAE including Trade tourism, hospitality and logistics are expected to see the most activity during the next six months.

Dubai is on the go with a positive sentiment and rising confidence. The economy looks bright and shining. Over the coming years, it promises to be more attractive to the global entrepreneurs and investors offering greater opportunities for Dubai company incorporation


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