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Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Employment Pass

Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Employment Pass

Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Employment Pass

Last Updated on March 3, 2020


Singapore is becoming a hub for foreign nationals for employment. The country provides immense opportunities to individuals not only to earn money but also to grow as an individual. Owing to this, immigration services in Singapore are in huge demand. IMC Group plays a critical role in providing immigration services in Singapore. In this article, you will learn about the various things that you must know while applying for a Singapore Employment Pass.

Before applying for Singapore Employment Pass one must know a few things for a hassle-free experience.

Things to Know Before Applying for Employment Pass

The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act governs the hiring of foreigners via Employment Pass. Therefore, there are certain rules and regulation which must be fulfilled before employing foreign workers in Singapore.

  • The candidates must meet the EP requirements. To know the candidate’s capability, the MOM encourages the usage of Self-Assessment Tool (SAT). If the outcome of the SAT is positive, there are high chances of candidate being selected.
  • Firms that wish to hire Employment Pass holders must first give the advertisement for the position in the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s Jobs Bank as per the Fair Consideration Framework.

Let us now learn about the candidates who are eligible to apply for Singapore Employment Pass.

Eligibility for Singapore Employment Pass

Conditions to apply for Singapore Employment Pass;

  • A foreign individual having an employment offer in Singapore can apply for Employment Pass. Here the employer shall make the application on behalf of the foreign individual.
  • Companies that are incorporated in Singapore and need to hire employees from overseas can apply for Employment Pass.
  • Managing directors or Entrepreneurs who want to relocate their Singapore company can apply for Employment Pass.

To apply for a Singapore Employment Pass;

  • The individual must have executive or managerial or any specialized
  • The individual must be employed for a fixed monthly salary of at least $ 3,600 or more.
  • The individual must have qualification by a recognized university or professional qualification or any specialist skills.


Time Taken to Process Employment Pass Application

  • The processing time for manual application is around 5 weeks
  • The processing time for online application is around 3 weeks and more

Filing Online Application

Digitalization has eased the process of applying for Singapore EP. The EP online portal assists the employer or the candidate to apply for the EP application. Since Singapore is one of the top countries when it comes to ease of doing business, the online processing time of EP application has reduced drastically. One can apply for the following through the online portal;

  • Application for new EP
  • Cancellation of EP
  • Application for family passes for the EP holders
  • Applying for the letter of consent to work for family pass holders
  • Renewing any of the EP application
  • Monitor the application status
  • Appeal against the EP application rejection

Let us now have a look at the documents required for the EP application.

Documents for EP Application

While submitting the EP application, you must submit the photocopies of the following documents;

  • Copies of the applicant passport
  • Copies of the academic qualification certificates
  • Latest information about the company’s profile registered with Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)

One must be careful while submitting the documents and ensure that the documents submitted are in English. If not, an English translation copy must be attached.

IMC Group is the leader in providing work visa services in Singapore. Our services cover every aspect of the business right from company formation in Singapore to the services that are essential for running a business. In addition, we have expertise in applying for Singapore Employment Pass and ensure that your application is passed without any hassle. We not only assist in applying for Singapore EP but also help you in appealing on the rejection of an EP application, renewing the EP, canceling an EP and similar services. To avail our services and know our quote, you can drop us an e-mail.


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