How To Calculate Your UAE Corporate Tax Liability

How To Calculate Your UAE Corporate Tax Liability?


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To get better prepared for the UAE corporate tax regime, calculation of the final amount of the Corporate Tax (CT) payable for a financial year must be learnt and clearly understood by all businesses. Compliance to CT is vital for companies and a well reputed professional Corporate tax advisory in Dubai, UAE can provide effective tax solutions to help companies comply with CT requirements. With all the needed expertise and knowledge, such tax consultants can help calculate CT payable very accurately with all applicable tax incentives e.g. deductions, exemptions in perspective and save money for the companies.

Though the final print of UAE CT as a set of regulations or laws is yet to be officially published, businesses can refer to the Public Consultation Document that provides information on the major aspects of CT. Final tax related decisions however must be made after official announcement of CT laws. The final amount of CT payable for an assessment year will be determined from the taxable income for the relevant financial year.

The Proposed Tax Bracket

As announced by the UAE Ministry of Finance (MOF), Corporate Tax in UAE will apply at a standard rate of 9% with the below mentioned tax brackets and rates:

  • 0% for taxable income up to AED 375,000
  • 9% for taxable income above AED 375,000
  • A different and possibly higher tax rate which is not yet specified for large multinationals fulfilling certain specific criteria

Method of CT Payable Calculation

The Public Consultation Document issued in April 2022 by the MOF has outlined a method for calculating the CT payable for a financial year. Businesses can seek additional information and advice from a reputed Dubai based professional tax consultant, IMC Group to accurately evaluate the CT liability as specified in the consultation document.

The 9 % CT will be imposed on businesses only if the taxable value exceeds AED 375,000. CT in UAE is calculated at a flat 9% rate of the net profit shown in the company’s financial statements after deducting all applicable deductions and excluding the exempted income. Any taxes paid in overseas jurisdictions will also be allowed for reduction from the profit shown in the financial statement. The net profit derived after all deductions will be considered as taxable income.

Hence, all applicable deductions when subtracted from the net profit will give the net income. When the exempt income of AED 375,000 is deducted from this net income, we can arrive at the taxable income. CT @ 9% on this taxable income will give the final tax liability. Foreign Tax Credit, if any when subtracted from this final tax liability, will give the Final CT Payable.

UAE CT will apply to UAE resident companies on their global income including overseas income which may be subject to a similar tax like UAE CT in another jurisdiction outside of UAE. The proposed UAE CT regime, for avoiding double taxation, will allow a credit for the tax paid in an overseas jurisdiction on the foreign sourced income against the UAE CT liability as a foreign tax credit.

The maximum Foreign Tax Credit that can be availed will be determined by the amount of tax that is paid in the foreign jurisdiction; or the UAE CT payable on the foreign sourced income and whichever is lower.

Unutilised Foreign Tax Credit, if any can not be carried forward or adjusted back to other tax periods. The Federal-Tax-Authority (FTA) will not refund any unutilised Foreign Tax Credit.

UAE Corporate Tax Relief for Small Businesses

The corporate tax regime involves a certain level of complexity which is unavoidable, especially in a diversified economy like the UAE. However, the UAE government has made provisions to keep the UAE corporate tax regime as simple as possible, which may help businesses to minimise their compliance costs. In line with this policy, the UAE corporate tax regime will provide relief for small businesses in the form of simplified financial and tax reporting obligations. The provision for small business relief is significant as the relative burden of tax compliance is disproportionately higher for small and medium-sized businesses across the world. Small business owners can consult with corporate tax advisors in Dubai to know further about the relief for small businesses under the corporate tax regime.

Hire the Best Corporate Tax Consultants in Dubai, UAE

Corporate tax agents in Dubai such as Jitendra Chartered Accountants (JCA) can advise business owners on critical tax matters such as the calculation of payable tax. JCA has a team of corporate tax advisors in Dubai who can help the businesses to comply with such complex provisions in the corporate tax regime.

Our services at JCA as Corporate Tax Consultants include CT Assessment & Advisory Services (one-time or retainer basis), CT Compliance Services & CT Agent Services to Represent to Federal Tax Authority (FTA) of UAE in case of any notices served by FTA. Ensure corporate tax compliance and avoid relevant penalties by availing of JCA’s corporate tax services in Dubai, UAE. JCA offers customised tax solutions to allow businesses to comply with the UAE corporate tax hassle-free.

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