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Post-Covid Economic Recovery-Dubai Chamber and Canadian Consulate Meet on Collaborative prospects in Digitalization, Logistics, E-commerce, Life Sciences, and Sustainable Technologies

Dubai Chamber Canadian Consulate Collaborative in Digitalization

Post-Covid Economic Recovery-Dubai Chamber and Canadian Consulate Meet on Collaborative prospects in Digitalization, Logistics, E-commerce, Life Sciences, and Sustainable Technologies


A high-level meeting through video conferencing was convened between the Canadian consul general in Dubai and the Dubai chamber of commerce and Industries on 7th of September, 2020 towards post covid economic recovery through collaborative efforts in digitalization, logistics, e-commerce, life sciences, and sustainable technologies.

H.E. Hamad Buamin represented the Dubai chamber of commerce and industries as President and CEO, and H.E. Jean-Philippe was present as Canadian Consulate General in Northern UAE.

Both leaders reflected upon the rapidly growing trade and business relationship between UAE and Canada, emphasizing Dnata launching ground handling operations in Vancouver Airport and D.P. world’s $ 8.2 billion co-investment platform with Canada’s pension fund, Caisse de depot et Placement du Quebec for expanding its global port and terminal operations.

H.E.Buamin, on behalf of the Dubai Chamber of commerce and industries, reiterated Dubai’s huge incentives offering a great competitive advantage to foreign companies and investors for their Dubai Company Incorporation and enhancing Dubai’s credibility in value proposition in recent times. He also praised the Dubai government’s rapid and proactive response in addressing post covid challenges and speeding up digital transformations to facilitate businesses smoothly sail through post covid situations.

H.E. Buamin described Canada as the UAE’s strategic business partner. He also highlighted Dubai as one of the most preferred global investment and business destinations, frequently leveraged by Canadian business enterprises. 

Canadian Consulate General, H.E. Jean- Phillippe Linteau heavily admired the Dubai chamber of commerce and industries for its leadership role in promoting Dubai as the most sought-after global business center, especially during post covid period. He also highlighted that increased digitalization in Dubai certainly helped in post covid period and narrowed down the geographical distance between Dubai and Canada. He also clarified that Dubai has already been regional headquarters for many Candian business houses as one of the most lucrative business destinations in the world and the numbers of such regional Canadian business headquarters with business set up in Dubai would only grow in recent future owing to the strong and ever-increasing business ties and bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Consulate General of Canada, H.E. Jean- Phillippe Linteau, also expressed his desire and put his hopes for increased Dubai-Canada bilateral and business ties in more strategic areas of energy, infrastructure, and life sciences. As per him, the two countries Dubai and Canada, are truly committed and should work together during the post covid era for establishing a robust, more resilient global economy.

H.E. Hamad Buamin seen equally enthusiastic who put his entire trust on the great potential of Canadian business entrepreneurs and their Dubai based business counterparts to focus and innovate on high and smart technology areas very rewarding for both countries and ultimately for the entire globe.

Dubai UAE has always enjoyed a great relationship with Canada since 1974, the year UAE got independence and strived towards improving business and bilateral relationships with Canada. UAE and Canada have deep business, and bilateral relationships mainly focused on building upon the prosperity of two societies, strengthening global and regional security, and effectively contributing to the economic and social development of third world countries and empowering women.


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