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Start Your Own CCTV Cameras Installation Business in Dubai

Start Your Own CCTV Cameras Installation Business in Dubai

Start Your Own CCTV Cameras Installation Business in Dubai

Last Updated on March 5, 2020


Do you know what the Middle East physical security market’s valuation stands at? It is touted to be valued at a whopping $10.9 billion by the year 2020, though it was at $3 billion in 2014, which shows a huge growth of 23.7 percent.

These days CCTV and network cameras have become an integral part to run not only a showroom, business, and other organizations. With so many options available in the market, the installers should be able to act as advisors for their customers and assist them in providing the best option or security solution.

Video surveillance plays a major role in the Middle East region because people want to use the latest technology-based security solutions to maintain their security. Another thing that is required is an attitude shift in thinking of network cameras as a major component in a security solution, which helps to take care of every customer’s own specific requirements. To take care of this, the system integrators need to closely understand the customer requirements and also participate in planning and the pre-installation stage so that they could suggest and offer the best-suited option that helps the customer to guard their business, and also enjoy other benefits other than security.

New ultra-compact security products are also being launched these days, which are ideal for retail showrooms, hotels, and banking sector in the Middle East. In addition, high resolution network cameras offer high quality monitoring along with detailed images, that too in very dim or low light.

Most of the ranges of these network camera let you do simple integration with various VMS platforms. If you are looking for advantages beyond just security of your business like site management and behavior analytics, then this is key to get a reliable and automated analysis. Today, retail holds the major chunk the economy, and there, analytics are used to manage queue management, footfall monitoring, and even store-design optimization.

The main factor when buying a network video surveillance is the quality of the images, especially in very low or dim light conditions. But the good news is that the video surveillance technology has advanced a lot bringing innovations like 4K, which promise to bring a huge change in the security industry by offering higher image quality as compared to the existing full HD products.

4K network cameras have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and can deliver about 8 megapixel resolution images. This means much clearer images while on a live stream, even clearer clarity in case of zoom images and also a wider vision field. This can even enhance the identification of an individual, a vehicle or a car number plate in dark. That’s not all! The 4K used in a 360º panoramic dome camera helps to reduce the total number of CCTV cameras that a company would need, thus making a huge impact on the overall security costs.

The technology, especially in terms of network video solutions, is growing and evolving at a very high speed. There is better contrast, lesser distortion, higher lens and sensor quality; and all this results in improvements in the accuracy of analytics and more trustworthy automated analysis. These factors will help the IP video surveillance systems to become a very important part of any business by not only being an imperative security tool, but also a precious business driver which can deliver many new business advantages.

With rich and diverse experience in helping to set up companies in Dubai, we specialize in setting-up the CCTV Camera Installation and maintenance for your business or organization in Dubai.

So be it a new business setup in Dubai or a DMCC company formation, just get in touch with us to get expert assistance.


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