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Procurement of an Employment Visa in Oman

Employment Visa in Oman

Procurement of an Employment Visa in Oman


The process of gaining employment for foreign nationals in the country of Oman has been increasingly regulated as part of the Omanisation initiative. Once a foreign worker is officially employed by an Oman-based company, the employment visa process starts. But in order to get a job offer from these local companies, an employer should prove that the foreign worker possesses the skills and experience that an Omani national cannot offer. Otherwise, an employment visa may not be granted.

There are two types of visas that are commonly used:

    1. An employment visa: This visa is applicable for individuals who are looking to be employed in Oman 
    2. A Residence only Visa: This visa is applicable for spouses and other family members of an employed person. 

Generally, the employer will apply for a residency Visa for an employee before they arrive in Oman. It is also common for the employer to have all the paperwork completed out for the employee before he / she arrives. The employer will also incur any expenses that are related to the same.

Steps involved in the procedure to obtain an employment visa in Oman

1.The employer should obtain a Labour Permit from the Ministry of Manpower

Firstly, an application has to be submitted to the related or specified department in the Ministry of Manpower and simultaneously meet the following requirements:

  • The business organization must first be compliant with Omanisation rules and regulations as well as check the assignment of foreign employees for a particular activity or a department.
  • The firm must ensure that the number of requested foreign workers is permitted for the specified operation of the firm listed under the company’s specific activities.
  • The requested foreign workers in question must hold the correct and required qualifications.

2. Employment Visa Application

A potential individual applying for an employment visa in Oman must qualify the following eligibility criteria;

  • The applicant (employee) must be between the ages of 21 and 60 years.
  • The employee’s gender and job title must match those specified on the Labour Permit.

Please note that some nationalities require special permits. Find below some of the documents required to apply for an employment visa.

  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Passport copy that is valid for not less than six months
  • For applicants of certain specified countries, the original and a copy of the medical certificate is required. This must be attested by the Ministry of Health.
  • If a foreign national has not completed 2 years with their previous Oman-based company, a release letter will be required. This must be approved by the Directorate General of Passports and Residence.

3. Relocation to Oman

After an employment visa is granted, the employee is free to travel to and from Oman with a copy of the document. Subsequently, they can also apply for a Residence Card.

4. Local medical tests

Upon arrival to Oman, the employee should collect his / her Residence Card from the Royal Oman Police within a month of entry. The employee will then be required to take a blood test and provide biometric information. After the results are collected, the Directorate General of Civil Status will issue a 2 year Oman Resident Card to the employee.


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